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Dennis's Dream Wish

a "Musicians Dream WIsh" Campaign

My " Dream Wish  "-The  8 Dream Wish  Goals 

1. (FIRST GOAL) :  Visit my Son Casey and my 2 grand daughters in Quesnel. Being on Disability  does not allow  enough for  funds to visit and for travelling expenses.


Being able to afford ,or Obtain a Personal Blood pressure, Heart rate and Pulse Monitor.


Find my lost daughter Ashley Gartner in Calgary or Red deer ,it could be either city.


To own an electric scooter to improve his quality of life while gaining a degree of independence and mobility.   Scooter’s do not require Insurance,drivers license, or license plate fees

view details of scooter:  http://www.sinclairsmotorsports.ca/inventory/New-2014-Ecostar-500watts/205756 

5. (FIFTH GOAL) : Hopefully at least see all my friends here and at ADP ,in Vancouver at least once.

and maybe taste one of Thao's tortilla 's again.


Make sure my Cat "Skylar", is happy every day.and hopefully find a new owner for him for when the day comes.


Meet and greet some of my past Musician friends and buddies.


Try and get as much salmon fishing in as I can some how,as eating Fresh Salmon helps my dietary health greatly and improves my Bloodstream..

I guess that is about it.

Dennis Shayan

Dream Wish  Cost estimation ( funds to be raised)

  • 1.Travel and accomodation expenses to travel to quesnel and spend time with son and Grand daughters.
  • 2.Scooter cost with tax included 
  • 3.Search for Daughter Ashley in Red Deer or Calgary
  • 4.Obtain personal Blood pressure, heart rate and pulse monitor

  • 1.estimated around $700.00-(West Jet and Greyhound)
  • 2.total cost $1142.00
  • 3.estimation around $800.00
  • 4.estimation $139.00 plus tax.
  • Total funds to be raised for " Dream Wish"  is $2701.00 plus Campaign costs $190.00

My dream Wish  memories in photographs

My Meet and Greet with Randy"Elvis" Friskie and Gene Friskie- brothers in arms

I would like to Thank Randy for inviting me to his Home Studio jam with Randy and his brother Gene Friskie and Kenny Johnson and Peter Mc  Gregor. there are no words to truly express how good it felt to re- live musical paths with Randy and Gene again and a old musical Buddy Kenny Johnson, I felt truly blessed being in their present. I also would like to thank Joy Chapman for hosting some excellent smokies and burgers and drinks.and of course the studio space.
I had so much fun last night I will carry these moments with me until the end.So much fun that tonight Randy is picking me up to take me to his sponsored Jam session at Donegal Irish house tonight. If you would like to join us please come on down.here are some photos from the session

Lastnight's Meet and Greet Jam Session at Donegals Irish House.

Last night I had the Sincere pleasure of jamming with my old friends and musical brothers Randy and Gene Friskie, Kenny Johnson,joy Chapman,Kenneth Whitney,Victor Cronley, Harry Walker, Barry Walker,and also the World renown singer songwriter of the huge song called " Mustang Sally" the Great and only "Mr. Harry Walker",I felt so blessed to be on a live stage with such great entertainers.Also also a very long time sincere friend Mrs. Ruby Workman and also my close Family my cousin Shelly king and her Husband Dave George.I had so much fun especially after I pulled out  my 20 year old Fender This guitar pick to play on Harry Walker's set...(loI )actually stayed for the entire Jam. I would also like to thank all the new acquired friends I met last night as well.I acquire a few photos I hope that you enjoy them.

The woman in these photos is my Cousin Shelly King ,now Shelly George along with her husband Dave George,Shelly's Dad Max king used to run The Cave in Vancouver, Max King was my coolest Uncle.

True Brothers in arms

Randy Elvis Friskie and myself joking around as always

Gene Friskie, Randy Friskie and myself ,we have known and worked together so many times during the last 25 years or so we are True Brothers in Arms !

Introduction to Dennis Shayan singing  Lisa Jane.

Me with my old Winnipeg School buddy Blues guitarist and Studio Musician Danny Casavant now from The Bob Cats Band.

Kenny Whitney with Gene Friskie

The very lovely and talented good friend ms. Joy Chapman giving me moral support.at Donegals Jam session.

The Talented Legend Mr. Harry Walker at Donegals.

Barry Collins with Randy Friskie, kenny Johnson on keyboards , Victor Cronley on guitar,and Barry Walker on drums and Dennis Shayan on bass  at Donegals Irish House "Jam Session " in Delta, BC

My Girl with Harry Walker

Jamming with "Harry Walker ' at Donegals Jam Session.

Let it Be with Kenny Johnson- Donegals Jam Session

Walking The Dog-Donegals Jam session

My ADP Visit to my Past Colleagues

To all of my colleagues at ADP in Burnaby,BC
Special thanks to Gordon, Wallace, Tam, Tao, Nancy, Hope Katrina, Joyce,Jenny,Romeo and Frank.and the new guy Steve I think his name was. Please correct me if I am wrong. I personally want to thank Tao for making me one of her very special potato and onion Spanish Tortillas as well as a huge bag of Cheetos mix.lol, and also Nancy for the wonderful box of Chocolate mixed array of fine cookies.
Gordon.Wallace,(Group Leaders)
OMG ..........OMG you Guys and Gals ! I never expected anything and was overwhelmed by your generosity. When I opened the envelope and saw so much money in their it literally brought tears to my eyes.I want to sincerely Thank each and every one of you from the bottom of what is left of my heart !
Love Everyone on the Team !
Dennis Shayan

If you haven't donated but would like to send a donation we accept all major credit cards as well as paypal.

      My Son Casey

         My grand daughters

         Karissa and Makayla

           My Daughter


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