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Campaign Updates

Campaign Updates

Well our Campaign is almost together . We are trying to set a target date for July 29th. 2014 and we  are also  still waiting On Donegals' Irish  House to give us the Green Light to hold our Campaign at The Tuesday Night Jam with Randy Friskie and the Cruisers and of course the " M&M Team " We are trying our very best to hold four 50/50 draws with half of the proceeds towards Dennis's Dream Wish.there may be also some surprises as well, but I guess you need to be there to find out !

A table will be placed by or near the stage for anyone who would love to donate at the table ,or Donate (using a major credit card )on line using our Table Laptop that will be set up with the Campaign Support Ribbons, Campaign Stickers and all related materials for the Campaign. The M&M Team will be easy to recognise because they will be wearing the special M&M Team member Name Tags.We will also have some very pretty VIP Volunteer girls who will come around to your tables to sell 50/50 tickets as well.We are trying to set a target date for July 29th. 2014

"This Campaign is brought to you by " Musicians Dream Wish organisation "

if you have any questions as to the Campaign please comment below.

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