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Dennis's Dream Wish

a "Musicians Dream WIsh" Campaign

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Our 50/50 Draws (TBA)

 Dennis Shayan was a local touring Musician for 28 years , Dennis has many friends in the music Industry, which are now playing at  local Jam sessions.This is a very good reason for holding these Draws ,Pub Nights, or Benefit nights at local Jam sessions.As many more patrons may also come into your establishment to have fun at these Jam sessions.

In order for us to obtain our eight goals we would love for you to become a sponsor of "Dennis's Wishlist". 

Along with your jam sessions we love to hold 50/50 draws as well as collect donations ,to achieve this for Dennis.As well , if agreed upon we would also like to hold Pub Nights or Benefit nights as well depending on our Sponsors.

All we ask is that we are allowed to do so in your establishment and in return your Company will be acknowledged as one of our Proud Sponsors,along with your company logo on our home page..

We would also like you to consider... if it would be possible to also sponsor other Local Musicians as well with severe disabilities as we become aware of them.

Ruby and Myself will dedicate our Volunteer time to organize and run these campaigns as well as I will offer my skill sets as a web and graphic designer to design a campaign website for each person that we decide to sponsor.

If at all possible if you decide to offer any volunteers to help us run these campaigns we would be truly grateful in trying to help these" local disabled Musicians " for our Community.

Our Requirements

* 50/50 Draws would be held one per hour.every hour on the hour over a 4 hour period during the Jam sessions.*

What we would require is a (120 Volt AC Power outlet) and one table big enough to hold our poster, brochures and Ribbons and our basic set up plus either a wifi location or internet connection so we may run our laptop with this website during the draws so people may donate online if they please.. If you would love to be a sponsor you may  contact:

Dennis at (604) 593-7185 or Ruby at 1-(604) 854-8284

email at [email protected]

We may then  arrange Days and times that we may hold these 50/50 draws..

Working in Conjunction with Musicians Dream Wish Organization.

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