Bands Dennis played In Bands Dennis played In The Jagged Edge Winnipeg Manitoba, Dennis on Rhythm and Vocals This was when Dennis Shayan was still using his real name Wally Shayan during his school days. 192204690 Manitoba Music Museum Dennis is a proud member of the Manitoba Music Museum. 192204691 Rapp Chicago Tribute band from Winnipeg. Dennis played bass with Rapp after Bob Payne left. Dennis was with them until they dis- banded. 192204692 Scooter Another Winnipeg Band that Dennis and Stanley James Anderson created..After Scooter had it's run Stan and Dennis moved to edmonton and started the Dennis James Band a trio with great potential 192204693 Tim Williams Dennis played with Tim Williams,a world renown blues man for awhile , also on tour with Loretta Lee and kenny Stohl on guitar. 192204694