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About Dennis Shayan

Dennis Shayan


 Walter Dennis Shayan ..,Stage name (Dennis Shayan) was originally born in Victoria , BC.  His Father, Mal Shayan, was in the Merchant navy at that time. They then moved to Seattle, then Regina, and ended up in Winnipeg where Dennis grew up and went to school. Dennis' family was very poor at the time and Dennis grew up with the street knowledge of poverty. At an early age, Dennis's Dad encouraged him to play music and got his first acoustic guitar when he was 14. His dad was hired by Frank Weiner to operate the Peter Stone Booking Agency where Dennis met many new friends.  By 16 he  picked up and decided to make Bass his main Instrument, as he was already playing in local bands in the St. James area. Dennis is what as known in the industry as a "Natural" when it comes to music. His last band in Winnipeg that he was with was known as RAPP, a Chicago tribute Band.

 Dennis played from the heart and always gave his best performances. When  Dennis turned 20 he moved to Edmonton , Alberta and started working and touring out of there.  He spent his life in  the music Industry working for Maple Haze Records and Lestra Electronics in Edmonton as a Record Press technician.  He learned Recording Studio Techniques, as well as playing professionally Bass guitar. At this time, Dennis was noted to be the Third best bassist in  Western Canada. He also plays banjo, piano, steel guitar, guitar,  and trumpet, a master of each in his own right

 He spent 28 years as a Bassist touring all of Canada and the northern USA , with many well known artists. He also jammed with such great artists like Duke Ellington, Tony Orlando and Dawn, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band,Tim Williams, Randy Elvis Friskie, Marty Gillan, Jamie Donald  and so many more.

 Dennis's Father, Mal Shayan, also helped many Winnipeg musicians and local bands. He ran the Peter Stone Booking agency and later on his own booking agency "Mally's Talent Agency," which he operated from his home at 346 Hampton Street. Many Musicians may remember that address especially the members of Red Ryder who were there just about every day.   Dennis's Bands “Just Society” as well as “The Third Version” also used to practise in the living room there.

After 28 years of touring and living out of a suitcase, Dennis decided to reside in Vancouver, BC. He sold all of his equipment a to encourage himself not to go on the road again for "it was in his blood and not bound to shake at any point. "

 Many  Musicians and people Canada wide may remember Dennis Shayan from some point in their lives as Dennis played in almost every city and town on the circuit.  Dennis is also a member of The Manitoba Music Museum  as well as mentioned in John Einarson's book " Shakin ' all Over, "as one of the innovators for rock and roll music coming out of Winnipeg in the 1960's.

   Dennis was married in 1972 and divorced after 7 years. He has 3 children and 3 grandchildren. His son, Casey Shayan, of Quesnel, BC, daughters, Genesis Shayan, of hope, BC and Ashley Gartner, of Calgary, Alberta. Dennis always gave his heart to the people and crowds he played for, so now it is our turn to return the favour with our own hearts.  He turns 62 on July 30th /2014 ..." GOD WILLING i.If you would like to add Dennis on Facebook please do.

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Back in 1993 with Randy Elvis Friskie. Yes that is me - at (video time 41:53)-singing a Vince Gill tune Lisa Jane.too funny I found this old video just today.lol good memories can never be forgotten.sorry about the sound. sound is much better on the you tube video at 41:54.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69CkQM-mwjQ&feature=youtu.be — with Dennis Shane.

 Dennis was playing with Randy Friskie and the band "Shane" ,Dennis wrote this song and played bass guitar( farthest on the Right) on this music video many years ago.


Some of you may remember me from The Band "SHANE" pictured below  that is me on the left.

My 62nd Birthday at Donegals with Ruby Workman, we celebrated hers and mine at the same time

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